The Posture, Strength, & Mobility Podcast

The Posture, Strength, & Mobility Podcast

Hosted by: Isaac Osborne

Tips, tricks, hacks, interesting musings, and much more on Posture, Strength, & Mobility in short digestible episodes.

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E3: Is your "CORE" killing your neck or back?

Hot topic! The core! This is probably one of the most misunderstood areas of the body. Do you have a chronically tight core that is contributing or causing back, neck, or other issues? Find out how you have only seen...
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E2: The risks of releasing the psoas from the front

The psoas muscle gets a lot of attention as the culprit of causing pain. Find out why this is only a small part of the story and if you're someone that suffers from back pain from chronically tight hip flexors how you...
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E1: Foam Roller vs Massage Gun

What will release your muscles and increase range of motion more? A foam roller or massage gun? In this episode, Isaac goes through the basics of what foam rollers and massage guns do and then puts them to the test....
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