Have You Failed In Getting Relief From Shoulder Pain?

Do you have a fear of surgery or has surgery and/or shoulder rehab failed?

Welcome to Motion Unlimited's Shoulder Relief Course, your path to reclaiming freedom of movement and relieving shoulder pain. Led by renowned expert Isaac Osborne, this course is meticulously designed to empower individuals recovering from shoulder surgery or grappling with injury-related discomfort. Through a blend of cutting-edge techniques and time-tested methods, we guide you on a journey towards renewed strength, mobility, and resilience.

Start Your Journey to Shoulder Relief Today

What is the actual issue with your shoulder?

Have you been struggling to find lasting & meaningful relief from intense shoulder pain? 

Expensive surgeries & complicated shoulder rehab aren’t the only solutions available. 

If you’ve tried everything to relieve your shoulder pain without any luck, don’t lose hope! You’re in the right place. We’ve developed a course specifically designed to provide shoulder pain relief to those who haven’t found success using other methods. Each week, you'll delve into targeted exercises, therapeutic protocols, and expert guidance to facilitate your rehabilitation journey. From understanding movement dysfunctions to implementing effective self-care practices, our curriculum is designed to empower you every step of the way.


What is the number one mistake people make rehabbing their shoulder?

Everyday people make this mistake. This video reveals one the most fundamental concepts of why this course is so different from any other program out there. 

Is Your Age and Genetics The Issue?

Discover why most people think this is an issue and why it's actually not. 

Can't Sleep Because Of Shoulder Pain?

The course has videos that instruct on how to sleep arrange pillows so it will take pressure off the shoulder joint itself so you can sleep. 

Who is your Guide Through this Program?

Experience Matters!

After recovering from chronic low back pain and major shoulder injury, Isaac has made it his mission to help others free themselves from pain. The exercises and techniques offered in this video are the results of years of testing and experimenting. The most effective methods were then expanded upon with Isaac explaining in clear detail how to use these movements to reach a pain-free future.

Everything Included To Fix Your Shoulder

When you purchase the course you'll get all the video instruction of over 15 hours of video content with exercise instructions and self myofascial release videos. We are also including these products with the bundle pack: one Mini Integrator, one set of bands, and one yoga belt. We want to make sure you use the best tools.

Corrective Exercises

Included with the purchase of the course are video instructions of all exercises that RELATE proper joint junction to other joints of the body. Muscles work with others muscles and unless they are working together there is pain and loss of range of motion.


Self Myofascial Release

Included with the purchase to the course is access to videos that give you instructions on how to use The Integrator and what muscles to release. Release your MyoFascia CORRECTLY! Myo Or muscles need to be either released or activated. The release depends on accessing the correct sensory nerves embedded in the Fascia (connective tissue).


Massage Gun Tutorials

 Releasing your Myofascia has never been so easy. Backed by scientific research and exclusive protocols developed by Isaac you will be freeing up restricted muscles and fascia easily and quickly.

Belt and Bands

Included with the purchase of the course bundle pack. Using these belts and bands are critical with the progressive corrective exercises that are in the course. With out them its difficult to get the proper results that's why we include them to make sure you have the right tools.


Don't let your pain stand in the way of your life any longer!

You’ve been suffering from debilitating shoulder pain for far too long. Today’s the day you decide to take a different direction and solve the problems that have been causing you so much discomfort and preventing you from doing what you love.

This helped me with my chronic arm and shoulder pain, the result of years of playing tennis. This course's stretching and strengthening routine enables me to be on the court pain free.  Thank you Isaac! -S. McMillan

Your shoulders hurting from too much time on the computer?

"I have just completed the Motion Unlimited Shoulder and Rotter Cuff Posture Therapy program, and I can't be more happy with the results. My shoulder has healed tremendously during this time, but more importantly I have a great understanding of my posture and shoulder mechanics. I highly recommend this course." -Richard H. Computer Programer

"For quite some time, I have felt a tightness and pain in my left shoulder. After doing the exercises for a while the pain diminished and then went away completely.” -Steve F.